Part 3 Up the corp. ladder.

May 9, 2007

In the business writing is one of the most important things that come about.  Many people don’t realize the impact that good writing skills have on just about any business application.  Some of the interviews that were in part III gave good information to the reader because it shows how professionalism and good writing are important to business.


About Me…

May 3, 2007

I am a senior graduating in May of 2007 with a Personal Financial Planning Degree from the University of Missouri.  I play inline hockey for the university as well as work full time as an Appliance Salesman at Lowe’s of Columbia.

Cover Letter

May 3, 2007

The site that I like and used the most was craig’s list.  It provided step by step examples as well as good information to help get started.  i liked how there were many examples to better fit with each person’s different writing style.

About giving presentations.

March 13, 2007

1.  One of the most important things about giving a presentation is knowing what you are talking about and being prepared.

2.  Another thing to keep in mind is to give examples of you topic that may help people relate and easier understand the context.

3.  Care about what you are discussing, if you don’t care about the topic then the audience will see and become less interested and the presentation will be useless.

4.  If you are using slides, use them as help for you presentation, not the actual presentation.  Don’t read from them use them as a guide.

Job Search

February 8, 2007

Job 1

This first post is for an entry level financial sales position that looks like it would be a good way to get my foot in the door. It also fits my interests in working with others in the financial services industry. 2 

Job 2 

The second job posting is even more in my interest area. Since I will be graduating in the Personal Financial Planning Field I would like to work directly with clients to help them achieve their financial goals and needs.

 Job 3

Here is a third job posting that seems to fulfill my interest and background.

Podcast Review…

February 8, 2007

The pod-cast, “Who manages your career,” By John A. Byrne with Marshall Goldsmith is a discussion about what it takes to fulfill your career to the fullest.  The discussion with Goldsmith identifies the problems that many of today’s executives have with identifying what they want with their career goals.  In detail, they discuss the notion that everyone must have a life mission whether it is outside of work or includes their work life.  Unlike in the past where people should be considerably vested in their career paths with their employers help, professionals should maintain their own careers without expectation of help from their employer.  With many companies having ownership by outside investors they are no longer responsible for the well-being of their employees with respect to their paths up the corporate ladder and nor should they be.  We as individuals should be more concerned with are career choices and should constantly evaluate how we are doing and are we following the mission that we have made for ourselves.

Hello world!

February 1, 2007

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